Lab pictures

The very first members of the Watnick Lab 2001-Adam Haugo and Katherine Kierek-Pearson
Goodbye party for Cristin Berkey in 2010! Cristin is an accomplished patent attorney now!
Ece Karatan and Dagmar Kapfhammer circa 2003
Nathan Blow, Margo Rockwell, Laetitia Houot, and Katrina Vandellen, 2006
Lab Move 2006 Katrina Vandellen, Laetitia Houot, Margo Rockwell, and our colleague, Anne Kane
Sarah Chang, Laetitia Houot, and Cedric Absalon, 2008
Paulas lab bench circa 2009
2010-03-12 12.54.37
Alix Purdy, Sarah Chang, Cristin Berkey, Cindy Capitolin, Brad and Krista Pickering, Zhipeng Wang, Patrick Ymele-Leki, Cedric Absalon, and Sabrina Absalon March 2010
Patrick Ymele-Leki, Dan Smith, and Zhipeng Wang, 2011
00000IMG_00000_BURST20180207141711_COVER 2_8 jakes bday
Bat-Erdene Jugder, Layla Kamareddine, Jacob Gibson, Josh Cook, and Julie Liao, 2018
Paula and Audrey Vanhove, 2017
Amazing collaboration by Julie Liao and her talented sister who is an artist!
Vidhya and Paula’s fun day in Paris before traveling to Roscoff for Vibrio 2017
Audrey’s going away present!
Lab lunch 2018
Last coffee with Layla before she sets off to start a new Asst Professor position at Qatar University in Doha
Beers at penguin pizza! 2019
Play in Lausanne…so true though Nov 2018
With Audrey in Gruyere-best Fondue ever! Nov 2018
Visiting with Audrey in 2019!
Jake with Oakley-newest lab member 2019
Oakley working hard 2019
Picnic with Oakley! 2019
Catching up with Sudha in New Jersey in November 2019! I also saw Ece this week, but we forgot to take a picture 😦

Catching up with Vidhya who is working at SQZ-Jan 2020

Experimenting with a working lunch-lab meeting at Penguin Pizza

Our first remote lab meeting in March while we all social distance. Note that Oakley has come to this lab meeting as well! She is a lot bigger now.
Weekly zoom meeting with Jake and Oakley; Oakley displays excellent listening skills.
Finally some good weather!
Josh, Jake, Bat, Fernanda, Daniela and everyone’s favorite-Oakley
April 2021

Outdoor lunch on the quad to celebrate Bat’s recent publication in Immunity!! 6_21